Funnyhouse of a negro

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Gretchen Sarah is the protagonist of the worst and is submitted on stage by four of her bony selves:. Funnyhouse of a Negro. KC MeltingPot Theatre. Collin Fewell as Funnyhouse Man.

Jabrelle Herbin as Queen Victoria Regina. Robert Coppage as Patrice Lumumba.

Funnyhouse of a Negro Themes

Robert Coppage as Negro Sarah. Melonnie Walker as Duchess of Hapsburg. Warren Deckert as Jesus. Carol Leighton as The Mother. Laura Jacobs as Funnyhouse Lady. Melonnie. Funnyhouse of a Negro is a one-act play that combines the playwright’s personal experience and larger social concerns through a deliberately nonrealistic, often dreamlike style of dramatic.

In Funnyhouse of a Negro, Kennedy used expressionism as a means to take the mind into social, psychological and political realms.

Funnyhouse of a Negro

She also went against the typical aesthetic of a black artist during the Black Arts Movement. Funnyhouse of a Negro [Adrienne Kennedy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Drama Characters: 3 male, 5 female Drop & wing Set A Black woman awakens in a phantasmagoric rooming house where she is visited by the Duchess of Hapsburg/5(3). These words spoken by Sarah, the young Negro student, in Adrienne Kennedy’s play, Funnyhouse of a Negro, apply both to Sarah’s own troubled personal world and to the felicitous form of the play itself.

Funnyhouse of a Negro is a surrealistic vision of death and oppression, operating on the level of morbid fantasy to depict the mind of a young woman who cannot distinguish the persecutory object from the ideal.

The Art of Adrienne Kennedy’s Funnyhouse of a Negro

The “action” of the play consists of a series of monologues spoken by Sarah’s selves.

Funnyhouse of a negro
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