Argentina crisis

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Argentina's Crisis Explained

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Economic history of Argentina

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Argentina's crisis: What went wrong and what is next

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The Crisis of Argentine Capitalism. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press Lloyd, A. L. "Meat from Argentina The History of a National Industry," History Today () 1#4 pp 30– Rocchi, Fernando. Chimneys in the Desert: The Industrialization of Argentina in the Export Boom Years, Stanford: Stanford University Press.

For the moment, it’s mostly an Argentina issue, says economist Monica de Bolle of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. The present president, Mauricio Macri, who took office in lateinherited a doleful legacy of economic mismanagement: high inflation, unemployment and budget deficits after 12 years of leftish economic policies.

Once again, Argentina has turned to the IMF for financial help in a crisis. It has agreed to lend Argentina a total of $50bn. Going to the IMF is a controversial move, especially so in Argentina.

How Argentina’s Evolving Economic Crisis Unfolded The country’s inflation rate has skyrocketed and stocks have been pummeled as foreign investors flee The Argentine peso has suffered steep declines.

1998–2002 Argentine great depression

Watch video · Argentina is struggling to cope with yet another financial crisis. Investors are increasingly concerned Latin America's third-largest economy could soon default as it struggles to repay heavy government borrowing.

Argentina’s economy and its people suffered greatly in the years following these events, and much of government debt needed to be restructured. For now, the plummeting peso hasn’t yet led to a financial crisis on par with those of yesteryear.

Argentina crisis
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